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Rock Climbing Questions from Tourists at the Garden of the Gods

Tourists watch climbers on White Twin Spire in The Gateway at the Garden of the Gods on a busy summer afternoon. Photo @ Stewart M. Green One of the chapters in a book of climbing stories, tentatively called Life on the Edge, I've been writing is called "Fear of Heights." It's about tourists and climbing esoterica at the Garden of the Gods, called one of the best city parks in the world. The Garden, one of America's oldest technical rock climbing areas, has over five-million visitors annually now, many of them from the flatlands of Kansas or Texas where the tallest mountain is a grain silo. Anyone who regularly climbs at the Garden of the Gods. one of Colorado's most popular natural attract

Candlemas: Winter's Warm Midpoint

Yesterday was Candlemas, the ancient festival of lights marking the midpoint of winter between the shortest day of the year on the winter so

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