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Jimmie Dunn Climbs Anaconda at Garden of the Gods in 1976

I've been scanning some of my black-and-white photographs and found this portrait I took of Jimmie Dunn in 1976 at the base of Anaconda in the Garden of the Gods. Jimmie and I had just done a few laps on Anaconda, one of his favorite routes. Jim often did Anaconda, a steep 5.11 route up thin cracks on the Tower of Babel, for training. He would lap it over and over, sometimes 20 or 30 times in a day, and had it completely wired. I'm sure Jim could do it blindfolded. One time in the late '70s I belayed him on Anaconda. We were yakking at the base before he climbed and he forgot to finish tying his knot on his swami belt (harnesses were uncomfortable in those days so we usually climbed with a s

The All-American Men Discover The All-American Man

Ed Webster and I chill out next to The All-American Man, a famous pictograph in Canyonlands National Park. Photo @ Stewart M. Green In mid-April, 1978, Ed Webster, a climber who later made the first ascent of the Kanshang Face on Mount Everest, and I trekked down Salt Creek in Canyonlands National Park from the trailhead on the Beef Basin Road below towering Cathedral Butte. My wife Nancy and Jesse, our springer spaniel, accompanied us the first part of the trail, descending to the wide canyon floor before stopping for the day at a small waterfall and pool. Ed and I continued north, crossing sandy sagebrush flatlands and splashing through the creek's muddy water. We passed Kirk Arch, high i

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